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Moving is hard enough as it is, signing up for home services just adds to that stress.  We make it easier for your tenants! We do all the hard work of shopping for their home services and figuring out who services their new home! One phone call, all home services, equals happy tenants!
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Who is Home Connected?

Home Connected is a Nationwide Authorized Distributor for many of the major Internet, TV, Security, and Wireless Providers. We have created a one stop solution for your tenants or future home owners needs! In certain parts of the country we can also help them with their Electricity, Gas, Water/Waste! Literally one phone call, all services!


What does Home Connected do?  With our partnerships it makes it easy for us to find out who your tenants/new home owners local providers are.  We, take your their address, we see who the local providers are, we sign up them up.  What happens without us?  Your tenants are calling around, searching who their local providers are.  Calling numerous numbers, on hold numerous times.  With the stress of moving, let us make it easier for your new tenants/home owners.

This program is a no brainer to keep your new tenants and home owners happy! A happy client = more referals! More referals = more money!  Help Us, Help You!