Join the Home Connected Partner Program

Are you in Property Management? You own an Apartment Complex? Are you in Real Estate? This is the program for you!

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Who is Home Connected?

Home Connected is a Nationwide Authorized Distributor for many of the major Internet, TV, Security, and Wireless Providers.  We have created a one stop solution for your tenants or future home owners needs!  Through our partner program you get paid a commission for referring your tenants/home owners to us to sign up for these services.  Over 93% of households in America have minimum internet service, so if your tenant is going to sign up for these services regardless if you refer them to us or not, then why not make some extra revenue?  You can make an up to an additional $280 per tenant/home owner! And best of all it cost you ZERO to join our program and can be as easy as adding us to your Utilities Check List!

This program is a no brainer and an easy way to bring added revenue to your company! Don't continue to miss out on that revenue and sign up as a Home Connected Partner TODAY!

About our Partner Program

• No Cost to Become a Partner

• We handle the sales which means no training for your team

• We will supply you with marketing material for your tenants (Utilities Check List, PDF Flyer)

• We can embed our referral form onto your site or refer your tenants to our site.

• Monthly Reporting available

• One stop shop for Internet/TV/Phone/Wireless/Security/Insurnace

• Easy money for something your tenant is bound to sign up for

The Most Effective and easiest way to convert referrals!

Most of our partners have a utility check list that they hand or email to their tenants before move in.  This check list consist of the numbers for the utility companies in their area so that the tenant can set up their utilities.

It is as easy as adding us to that list!

Your tenant will just go down the line setting up their services. When they get to our services, they will more than likely call us or visit our site to place their order.  We take care of the rest!

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Not just for new tenants, but for existing tenants as well!

With our program you are not just limited to your new tenants.  Your existing tenants can also be referred.


Maybe your tenant has had Frontier and is tired of them and wants to switch to Spectrum?  You refer them to us, we close a sale, you get paid!

It’s easy to refer those customers to us.  You can include an insert in their monthly billing statement, or you can e-blast your base.

Most of our partners do both.  Will e-blast their whole base once a month and include a flyer with their tenant statement.

Contact us for more information about our Partner Program at 888-330-3368