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Affordable Connectivity Program

Vomtel Team,

Below is information regarding the ACP Program (EDD) that was introduced by the Government in recent months. Please let me know if you have any questions! Attached is an email the customer will receive at the point of sale upon requesting ACP.

  • Congress recently created the Affordable Connectivity Program. A $14 billion program, which will replace the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. This article provides eligibility information, business rules, scope of support, account identification, and customer handling instructions.

  • ACP customers who are requesting a change to their internet speed or customers adding Internet must be offered ACP following a mandatory legal disclosure.

  • The ACP program will provide a recurring credit of up to $30 per month ($75 in Tribal Lands), to be applied directly to eligible customers' accounts, off the rate for eligible Internet Service until funding is depleted.

  • Customers must meet income qualifications and Opt-In to the ACP program.

    • Income qualifications require location flagging or validation at the National Verifier located at

    • Direct the customer to to Opt-In to the ACP Program.

  • Customers can get more information or sign up for ACP at the following:



  • Customers who have already applied via the National Verifier can sign up for ACP through at:

  • Customers can also sign up for ACP by calling the Affordable Connectivity Support Center at 1-877-384-2575 to request a mail-in application. They must return the completed application along with copies of the required documentation to the following address:

    • Affordable Connectivity Support Center P.O. Box 7081 London, KY 40742

Internet Requirements

Qualifying Internet services include:

· Spectrum Internet Assist · Spectrum Internet 100 · Spectrum Internet 300 · Spectrum Internet Ultra · Spectrum Internet GIG · Wifi for Spectrum Internet 100 customers only · Legacy and NPP Internet Tiers

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