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New Offer! National Upgrade

Dear Retail Sales Team,

Coming Very Soon! A new offer will be launched for existing customers, who perform one of the below upgrades to their account. The launch date has not been finalized, but an update is expected shortly. We will send the news once made available. Please take the trainings below and inform your agents in advance.

Existing customers are eligible to receive 1 Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line free for 12 months (Unlimited Plus for $10/month for 12 months), with Free Mobile Activation (free line only)!

With this update, three additional Existing Customer eligibility scenarios will become available:

Training for the full list of Business Rules and Sales Order Entry in the Buyflow

and Agent OS / SM360 can be found here:

  • This offer provides Free Mobile only and is not eligible for free Advanced WiFi

  • Customers can add Advanced WiFi for an additional $5 to get the connectivity benefit of combining Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi, and Mobile (Spectrum One).

  • Offer is only available to existing Spectrum customers who are performing an eligible upgrade on their account on or after the launch date.

Thank you,

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