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Apple iPhone SE 128GB Special Discount – Update!

Apple iPhone SE 128GB Special Discount – Update! Save $50 on the iPhone SE 128GB Spectrum Mobile previously introduced promotional pricing on the Apple iPhone SE 128GB for $30 off, which will now be increased to $50 off for maximized savings. What: Effective August 6th through October 31st, Spectrum Mobile will enhance the existing iPhone SE 128GB promotion allowing customers to now save $50 off the full price. Customers can optimize their savings by combining the promotion with the $100 trade-in offer – for a total of $150 off. The iPhone SE 128GB is currently priced at $419.99 ($17.50 DPP) and will be further reduced to $399.99 ($16.67 DPP). After October 31st, the iPhone SE 128GB will return to the standard price of $449.99 ($18.75 DPP). When: 8/6/21 – 10/31/21 Channels Impacted: All channels Additional Information:

  • New and existing customers in all markets qualify.

  • This is a temporary price reduction; existing retail prices will resume following the promotion end date.

  • Can be combined with the $300 iPhone discount promotion in select markets (requires new line and port-in from another carrier) and the $100 trade-in offer.

    • $100 trade-in offer requires customers to trade-in qualifying device, purchase and activate a new phone.

  • Promotional credit is taken off the full-price for Pay in Full, or applied across 24 months with the Device Payment Plan.

    • Customers who leave Spectrum Mobile early will not forfeit future credits.

For more information about Spectrum Mobile’s promotions, visit CoPilot article GEN8492 Mobile - Mobile Offer: $50 Off iPhone SE 128GB Special Discount (to be published 8/6). Questions? Contact Andy Biglow, Rick Goetter or Kelley Ryan Are you a Spectrum Mobile customer? We want to hear from you! Please send feedback about your experience to This e-mail was distributed from an unmonitored e-mail account. If you have questions about any of the contents within this e-mail please contact the Product Manager or Project Manager as identified above.

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