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CenturyLink | Optional Professional Install Now Available

Optional Professional Install Now Available

This applies to all non-fiber installations Effective: Immediately Exciting News! Agents will now have the option to choose between self-installation or professional installation in their ordering system. In certain scenarios the agent may need to change the CenturyLink order from a self-installation to an optional professional installation. They include:

  • When customers request a professional Internet installation

“I understand that you'd like a professional to install your new service. I'd be happy to set that up for you. During the installation, the technician will deliver your modem, install your Internet service and repair or replace a jack, if needed, for a one-time fee of $99. Let's see when the first available appointment is, ok?”

  • When work is needed to repair, replace or install a working jack in the home

“Since you mentioned you don’t have any jacks, we’ll set you up for a professional installation. Our technician will install the jack you need and your Internet service for a one-time fee of $99, which is about the price of installing just the jack alone. Let's see when the first available appointment is, ok?” Best Practices It’s important to follow these best practices when professional installation is selected or required.

  • Let customers know that professional installation (one-time charge of $99) includes:

    • The technician delivering and installing the modem

    • Repair, replacement or installation of a jack, if needed

    • Installation and configuration of the Internet service

  • The ordering system will display earliest available due date. Never tell the customer to call back and request an earlier installation date.

  • Appointments are scheduled for the day. Due to technician schedules and demands, specific arrival times are not available.

  • The customer, or a person 18 years or older, will need to be present during the installation appointment.

  • CenturyLink is following the Safe Connections process for the safety of our technicians and customers. It applies to any work done inside the home for new Internet, upgrades, new home phone, and repairs.

Explaining Safe Connections When a professional install is required or selected, explain the Safe Connection process and gain agreement. Cover these points with the customer: Cover these points with the customer:

  • We’ve modified the installation process to protect you and our technician.

  • The technician will connect service to the outside of your home and leave the equipment at your door. Please stay inside of your home.

  • They’ll contact you and walk through steps to finish connecting service

  • Find more details about the install options at

  • We’ll make contact the day before to remind you of your appointment. If you’re under quarantine, experiencing any COVID symptoms or been in contact with anyone recently testing positive for COVID, you will have the ability to reschedule.

If you have any questions, please contact your RS&I Account Executive.

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