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New $30 for 100m Offer!

New Prepaid CenturyLink Internet Offer

Effective: 9/27

Great News! CenturyLink is launching a new Fiber Prepaid Internet offer. New customers may qualify for up to 100M Internet for $30 a month, for 12 months. After 12 months, the price will return to the normal Simply Unlimited Internet online rate of $50.

Offer Details:

  • $30 a month for 12 months

  • Up to 100M Fiber Prepaid Internet

  • Free professional installation

  • Rate does not include taxes, fees or surcharges

Quantum Fiber does not offer 100M Internet, therefore this offer does not apply to Quantum Fiber customers.


This offer started as an online trial and due to its success, we have decided to expand the trial exclusively to partners at this time.

What to do

Most customers who qualify for this offer, also qualify for 940M Fiber Internet. If available, agents need to lead with 940M and the incredible value it offers:

  • 940M download and upload speed

  • Free premium modem ($200 value)

  • Free professional installation ($99 value)

“I have great news! I see you qualify for 940M Fiber Internet service which our fastest Internet speed available. With Fiber Gigabit you will get 940M of download and upload speed, a free premium modem and free professional installation, for a savings of $299. You get all of that for only $____ a month with no contract. Let me see how soon we can get a technician to install your service.”

If the customer declines 940M Fiber Internet offer, fallback to the $30 a month for up to 100M for 12 months offer with a leased modem.

“I understand your concern with our 940M Fiber Internet, and I do have another option for you. We can set you up with up to 100M Internet for only $45 a month for 12 months which includes a leased modem with Secure Wi-Fi. After the 12 months your bill will be 65 a month. How does that sound?”

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