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Dish Switcher Offer is Now Available Nationwide

300MB+ = $100 Exclusive Reward

  • Effective Dates: 8/17/2021 – 9/30/2021

  • This offer is NOT stackable with the $50 Exclusive reward that is running in parallel for the quarter

  • All dealers with tool access have access to submit the offer, but if they attempt to submit a customer in a zip code that is not on the approved list, the ER site will not allow the record to process and it will give the agent an error

    • Note: This offer will be viewable in the dropdown for all dealers but will only be eligible for customers within the zip code list.

Marketing Update Access the Marketing Zone Lite through PerfectVision Marketing team

  • Door Hangers, Print, Direct Mail, Radio and More

  • Digital Advertising and Websites

  • Events - 100% Co-op if Booked by 8/31/2021

Email to get started Dealer Resources

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