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Launch Announcement: Apple iPhone 14 Plus

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Friday, October 7th, 2022, the new iPhone 14 Plus will be available for purchase in all sales channels. Customers will enjoy new safety features, the best battery life ever in an iPhone, an improved camera system & more, while saving up to 60% on their mobile bill when they switch to Spectrum Mobile.

All iPhone 14 models are eSIM-only, enabling a convenient self-service activation process during device set-up, or on the My Spectrum App.

What: Launch of the Apple iPhone 14 Plus

When: General availability begins on 10/7/2022 (as early as 8 a.m. local time in Spectrum Stores; as early as 12 a.m. EST for D2C)

Models & Offers:

  • The iPhone 14 Plus is a 5G device and will operate on Spectrum Mobile’s nationwide 5G service (low-, mid- & high-band). In areas 5G isn’t available, the device will seamlessly connect to Spectrum Mobile’s 4G LTE.

  • The iPhone 14 Plus is an eSIM-only device with no physical SIM card slot.

  • 10/6: Pre-order shipments begin overnight for delivery as early as 10/7.

  • 10/7: General availability for the iPhone 14 Plus in all sales channels. Customers can have the devices in-hand no earlier than 8 a.m. local time on 10/7. NOTE: Individual SKUs may go out of stock at launch due to high demand.

*Indicates promo price, effective 10/7 until further notice.

  • 10/7: Spectrum Mobile customers will be eligible for a $100 trade-in offer when purchasing the iPhone 14 Plus.

    • $100 trade-in offer requires customers to trade-in a qualifying device, add a new line, purchase and activate a new phone.

Accessories (iPhone 14 Series):

  • 10/7: iPhone 14 Series devices will not include a charging block or Apple EarPods.

    • USB-C-to-Lightning cable is included in the box.

BYOD Compatibility:

  • 10/7: The iPhone 14 Plus is eligible for BYOD for Spectrum Mobile, carrier and unlocked models.

Mobile Product Catalog Changes Effective 10/7/2022

On October 7th, changes will be made to the product SKU(s) listed below.


Products will be removed from the online product catalog:

Effective: 10/7/2022

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