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New Offer!

Dear Retail Sales Team,

The new Spectrum Offer 'Free Mobile Upgrade Offer for Existing Customers' has launched today, 10/28/22, in all markets.

Any existing Spectrum customer who adds a NEW Spectrum Mobile Unlimited /

Unlimited Plus line will get ONE additional new Mobile Unlimited line FREE for

12 months (Buy One, Get One)!

Those without SM360 access will need to contact Sales Activations for mobile ordering

at 855-392-9910 and provide them your order information, and Sales ID + Store ID (if applicable).

Eligibility and Offer Business Rules

Available to existing Internet customers with or without existing Mobile:

Any existing Internet Tier (or a pending order) qualifies for a ‘Buy One / Get One Free’ Mobile Line!

· One free Unlimited line x 12 months, rolls to $29.99 pricing

· No more than one (1) free Mobile line per account will be offered

· Unlimited Plus + $10/month

· Mobile activation fees waived only on free line

Thank you,

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